Jānis Zelmenis

IMO International Maritime Law Institute in Malta announces admission to Master of Laws study Programme

14 January, 2014

IMO International Maritime Law Institute in Malta announces admission to the 26th Master of Laws (LL.M.) Programme in International Maritime Law in Malta, which will start in October 2014 and will last for one academic year.The IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) is an international institution dedicated to the training of lawyers in international maritime law including marine environmental law, law of the sea, shipping law, international maritime security law and maritime legislation drafting

 Law firm VARUL Senior Associate Patriks Markevics, who completed this programme with a Master’s degree, emphasizes that it provided him with a structural vision of the maritime law, so this programme would be highly advisable to everybody interested in this field. Given the fact that the programme focuses on introducing the international maritime law in national legislation, it is especially recommended to those working in state administration. Practising lawyers will take interest in the particularly strong programme of private law in the field of shipping. Highly experienced visiting lectors of international level make another asset of the programme.

The LL.M. programme of IMO International Maritime Law Institute consists of postgraduate training in international maritime law for one full academic year leading to the Degree of Master of Laws in International Maritime Law. It is envisaged that graduates of the Institute will provide the expertise required for the implementation of IMO and other maritime conventions into their respective national legal systems.

IMLI was established by a statute promulgated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and under an agreement concluded between the IMO and the Government of Malta, which offered the premises and other facilities. It is located on the University of Malta campus and began operation in October 1989. The LL.M. programme is open to law graduates already working in a maritime field or in a legal department or law office dealing with maritime matters. The programme is also suitable for persons aspiring to undertake a career in maritime law. Unless candidates are in possession of a law degree from a recognized university, their application may not be considered.

 The number of admissions is a limited one due to the intensive nature of the programme. In line with the IMO strategy for integration of women in maritime activities, up to fifty per cent of admissions are reserved for deserving women candidates. To date, the Institute has a total of 602 graduates from 126 States.

More information: http://www.imli.org/